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Luxury German Kitchen with a Low Budget

Cheap, low cost or budget are not words you can immediately associate with a luxury German kitchen.

If you’re looking at the budget, you might miss the “luxury” option altogether.

If you are sticking to a tight budget then there is no need to forgo your dream kitchen with designer style. Choosing a smart combination of cabinetry, worktops, lighting, appliances, and accessories will make it possible to create an expensive-looking space at a lower cost. And with some research and information, that dream German kitchen can be yours.

Why choose a German kitchen?

German engineering is noted for its sleek craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and rigorous testing. These are just as accurate when it comes to standard German kitchen design, so you can always expect a modern, well-thought-out kitchen that not only stands the test of time but also fits your space.

What could be a better definition of “luxury”?

Even better when it comes to German kitchens, “luxury” is not necessarily “expensive”. You may just be surprised at the range of affordable options available.

So, here is how to start planning your luxury German kitchen on a budget.

What’s your BUDGET?

Ask this question to yourself. This may sound obvious, but you must know how much you have to spend on your new kitchen.

While it is possible to get a luxurious, fully functional kitchen for just about any reasonable budget, you have to understand your financial starting point to get the best kitchen for your needs.

Focus on key elements

Next, it is time to allocate that budget. When it comes to your luxury German kitchen, what do you have to do? In which areas can you compromise?

Think of each different component, starting with cabinets, doors, workplaces, and the appliances you love for your ideal layout, lighting, and fittings.

For example, if you choose lacquer doors with a gloss finish, their price will be different from standard melamine. Doors are also more economical than drawers.

(The great thing about German kitchens is that the components you can indulge in are high-grade materials and standard joints like soft-closed doors and drawers).

A few tips to make your kitchen look expensive:

  • Surface matter

Worktops and splashbacks have a big impact, so it makes sense to buy the best. If you want a richly veined or rare look, then the natural stone can be expensive. Fortunately, there are composites and solid surfaces that will replicate the look. If your heart is set on a luxury work surface, you can combine it with more inexpensive materials, such as wood, to help increase your budget. You can also add a splashback to an on-trend material, such as an antique mirror, copper, or tinted glass.

  • Personalize your design

It can be tempting to buy everything from the same retailer but don’t be afraid to source parts elsewhere. These are elements that will help set your design apart from standard plans. Also think of one or two luxury appliances, such as a built-in coffee machine or instant hot water faucet, including a relaxed seating area or integral dining table to make space feel more welcoming.

  • Finishing touches

Just as jewelry can elevate a simple outfit, your kitchen detail will move up a notch in style bets. A faucet, high-quality handles, and beautifully patterned tiles in an eye-catching finish are easy to design updates that improve the entire room.

Several budget-friendly design options will add additional effects. Plain metro tiles are timeless and easy to blend but can be laid out in a pattern by itself, such as chevron or herringbone. Try including a statement pendant light or wall lamp. Layering your lighting will have a dramatic effect, so include plinth lights or undercutter strips to highlight features and provide ambient light.

Do your research

Do not dismiss that marvelous kitchen simply because you have considered it outside of your price range. With so many cost-effective options, it may be more accessible than you think. Your research will help you provide all those bargain kitchens that are in the market.

Do not forget that it is also very important to check customer reviews and feedback when choosing your new kitchen. No matter what your budget is, can you trust a company that is rated poorly by their customers?

With many years of industry experience and knowledge, KVD Designers always want to help you get the best possible value for money. We also employ a skilled team of kitchen designers to give you the best possible service from beginning to end.

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