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How to Create a perfect family kitchen

Every home is different and in a buzzing house, a kitchen is a dynamic place where the family members gather, spend a lot of time together, relax and go about their lives. When designing a new kitchen, it is necessary to create a kitchen that is stylish and functional so that it can be used and enjoyed by all.

Looking for Family Kitchen Design Ideas? Look no further! Often at the end of the house, today’s kitchen fulfils many roles apart from just being a food preparation place. From the welcoming kitchen that focuses on spending time with friends and family, to the intelligent, modern space about the wow factor, screw up your family’s kitchen design from scratch.

To create an efficient family kitchen, you need space. There is no benefit in cramming too much into a small kitchen, so for the room to work and be functional, it must be large enough. One way to accomplish this is to turn your home into an open-plan living kitchen and dining area by expanding the existing space or removing the walls – both of which can be opened into the garden or backyard through a door. Alternatively, you can create a large open plan space by removing a non-loading bearing wall between the kitchen and the dining room.

A few modern kitchen design ideas for a perfect German kitchen.

  1. Smart storage solutions

The larger the family, the more storage space is required in the kitchen. Proper storage is essential for a lively kitchen to function effectively. Extra-deep drawers, floor-to-ceiling cabinets and islands are great ways to increase your storage, while keeping the hodgepodge out of sight in everyday life. Open shelving and hanging racks can also be used and both are very popular these days. The idea of ​​storing a large pantry aside from the kitchen furnishing area can allow family members to help themselves with breakfast and snacks without interrupting cooking.

  • Including office space

In an ideal world, the family kitchen would be a mobile device-free zone, where you get the undivided attention of your family. But, no matter what rules you start with, surely, they will eventually work their way up. If you plan to have a homework zone for kids in your traditional family kitchen, or you can use it as a home office, having enough plugs and charging stations in the kitchen is a good option. If you have extra space, include a study area in your kitchen. The entire family can benefit from the office area, which can be incorporated into a bank of cabinetry and hidden when not in use. When you’re done, you can easily overlook the place.

  • Create an entertainment zone

We all know that the kitchen needs to be functional, but when you are catering to a family it should also be multi-faceted – to entertain, to spend quality time and to prepare food. However, to make your kitchen as efficient as possible, you need to plan it very carefully.One of the most popular and frequent trends in the field of smart home automation is multi-room audio systems. These are very useful to include in traditional family kitchen spaces because you can listen to music while cooking or play some rhymes while the kids are around or entertain, or you can easily play music when there is a family party.

  • The kitchen-diner 

Where space allows, family-sized kitchen food should have a good size dining table, which is expandable to assemble. Dining table with one or two comfortable sofas or arm wrappers provides a nice transition between a kitchen and a more informal seating area. Where possible, window seats offer a clever solution.A table and chairs keep the space cosy, while the breakfast bar allows family or friends to take you or your kitchen closer. Whatever you decide, make sure space is working for your family, which is an effective addition to your home.

  • Separate zones are important

When it comes to designing all-singing all-dance multifunctional kitchens, you need to organize your space into separate ‘zones’ to keep all your activities running smoothly. First of all, you need to think about what your kitchen will be used for. You need a place to cook food, and maybe even a dining area. Consider whether your kitchen is primarily used for children’s homework or celebrating your space to entertain guests. Once you have the light on what you want from your kitchen, it will be easy to set up space that suits it.

  • Shopping for family kitchen appliances

If you are currently designing a family kitchen, but only a small child, it pays to think ahead: that child quickly turns into a very hungry teenager (trust me). So, go for the largest capacity fridge/freezer you can afford, from ovens to washing machines, to other appliances.

  • Let the creativity flow in your kitchen

Blackboards are reserved for the classroom, with a teacher placed behind chalk and a stern expression! Nowadays they have become an object of style, in every way and with good reason! Let your consciousness flow along your blackboard wall, with a large memo pad for you and a drawing board ready for your children. 

Whatever you decide, make sure space is working for your family, which is an effective addition to your home. We hope these family kitchen design ideas help you in creating the perfect kitchen. Do let us know what’s your favourite design idea in the comment section below.

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