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Biella Kitchen

Biella Kitchen – Colour is becoming a prominent feature in the kitchen and, with the choice of 23 Colours in the Biella Range, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Its beautifully smooth, water resistant, satin lacquered finish makes it very hard wearing and, as it’s a slab door, it can be manufactured as handled or handle-less – whichever you prefer.

Kitchen elements can be used to create work and storage areas so can act as a perfect transition between the kitchen and living spaces and adding a pop of colour in each room can blend the spaces seamlessly.

Looks good and you can almost furnish the whole apartment with it! The kitchen in pastel rosé satin provides practical functions, with the versatile open shelf unit combination not only offers a huge amount of storage space but also doubles up as a coat rack and office.

Front combination: Satin lacquer L385 Pastel rosé satin and laminate K653 Old oak provence synchronised pore effect
System: 71,5 cm
Handle: 346
Worktop: K650 Old oak provence effect
Picture details:
– Home office
– Movable table bar
– Swivelling pull-out wood shelf with metal band
Special features:
– Design shelf Ellipse
– Variable partition frames for drawers

Colour options available in 26 different satin lacquer colours.