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German Kitchen

The heart of any home is the kitchen. It is a warm, vibrant hub that buzzes with functionality beyond making food. It is becoming the focal point of the home, an expression of your style. Enjoying with friends and family, overseeing homework, enjoying morning coffee – it’s important to consider kitchens as an important part of your life as it gives a good sense to your living. On average, Brits have kept their kitchens for about 15 years – so long as you don’t like the result.

If you are looking for up-gradation of your kitchen, then we highly recommend the German kitchen. The national archetype is elegant, precise and of high quality. As with German cars and kitchen appliances, you will find the same accuracy in the latest german kitchen design. It’s about building high-quality, premium products. Bespoke German kitchens are very popular, especially with those who want a beautifully designed, well-engineered kitchen without paying for the odds. And therefore, while enduring trends you need to have two key elements in mind: Quality and great design.

For quality and great design, Schuller Kitchens and Crown Kitchens are on-trend in this regard. Physically built to last and scientifically designed for modern tastes, with these kitchens you end up with high-end quality for a mid-range price and you are surely going to enjoy it for a long time. One of the main features that Schuller is known for its quality performance. By keeping the manufacturing in-home, it enables the company to monitor staff and products to ensure high-quality performance.

Let us explore a few key trends to follow this year:

  • The walnut effect

The past few years have seen the refurbishment of wood grain kitchens, and this year the trend is heavily influenced by walnut and walnut effect. Its fine grain appears luxurious, rich and gleaming to the eyes, brightly coloured natural warmth adds to the high-end creamy feel. Combining a walnut effect kitchen with a velvet matte range will soften the look and add to the sleek finish.

  • Getting a handle on things

Handless kitchens are very fashionable at the moment. They give your kitchen a beautiful, minimalist look and make the room look bigger. It’s also easy to clean, which is a big plus point if you cook too much!

  • Marble effects

Marble effects are a big trend this year, especially for the kitchen. This year is of strong vein marbles which provide a nice, and luxurious style to your kitchen. Whether you incorporate it into your worktops, kitchen fronts, or appliances, the marble gives your new kitchen a sophisticated and elegant look.

  • Sustainable

Ecology is the order of the day, and Schuller and Crown kitchens have always understood the need to take responsibility when it comes to the environment. Kitchens are made from sustainable sources of wood, the packaging is disposed of responsibly and products are shipped on eco-friendly lorries.

  • Colour Combo

Adding colours to your kitchen design is an easy way to get your home bang on-trend. Colour can be added to accessories, flooring, cabinets, or walls, adding colour is easy and adaptable. Decide how firm you are to make your colour choice. One of the easiest options is to paint the wall or tire out when you can easily replace the tiles. Living with the calm effect of blue or enjoying the warmth of yellow, it’s all your choice.

  • Sombre and Splashy

Once seen as an accent colour, black cabinets and work surfaces take centre stage as the new decade begins. This trend has been growing over the last year or two and it continues to be a big business as more and more kitchens are available in black. Black brings luxurious, inviting play, while the decor wood tiers of the kitchen add to the charm of the home.

  • Larder Love

Pantry cupboards were common in kitchens centuries ago and used to keep food fresh before the invention of refrigerators, but now the pantry or laundry cupboards are moving into modern homes to store packets and canned goods. It makes perfect sense to have a larder because it is in the same cupboard, which makes it easier to manage when doing a weekly shop. Another advantage of a larder and its large storage capacity is that wall units are no longer needed, so space on the walls can be used more decoratively.

So these were the seven salving trends of German kitchen. Do let us know in the comment section which trend you are going to follow. Stay trendy, Stay updated!

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