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Alea Matt Kitchen

This range benefits from a matt velvet lacquered finish. It’s available in 12 co-ordinating colours from Crystal White to Onyx Black.

It’s a slab door so can be manufactured as handled or handle-less and can be combined with the Satin Lacquered Range, Biella, for striking colour combinations.

Anyone with only a small pantry or no pantry at all, and lives on the fifth floor without a lift, will love it: the extra kitchen storage space. Often, a vast amount of it isn‘t necessary. What is important though: structuring required functions to provide optimum benefit. For example, there‘s an open shelf unit that slopes down towards the back. Drinks crates are “laid” into it so that bottles can be conveniently removed. Or the “fruit crate” for storing potatoes, apples etc. Plus the cross insert for wine bottles or high-quality oils. Open shelf units for cleaning products and many other things provide space and keep everything neat and tidy. Closed units should also be included. They are great for hiding away rarely used kitchen appliances and similar items. This is where internal drawers make it easy to get things out. The best part: the additional storage space can be perfectly planned with our kitchen collection. In any chosen way to suit your needs.

Nowadays, anyone wishing to help the environment should, in particular, separate recyclable materials from waste. This is where we can provide the optimum solution that does precisely this. In terms of storage of food, we created a tiered pull-out, which comforts you. These keep everything in its place and guarantee fast access. Extra-wide pull-outs fitted with internal partitioning in oak also let you see where everything is. This makes keeping order incredibly easy!

Storage space for all of the things the family needs, is in great demand. Plus the small yet exquisite details that give the kitchen a look of individuality – such as practical chests of drawers with boxes in solid wood or ingenious midway sections finished in a colour that contrasts with the kitchen. All this makes the kitchen a living space for the whole family