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Welcome to KVD Appliances integration with AEG kitchen and laundry range. Inside every appliance, you’ll find intelligent technology and responsive design, guaranteeing you exceptional performance and results time after time. You’ll discover that one touch redefines what’s possible at home. We innovate so that you can elevate what you do to new heights every day.

We thrive upon innovation designed to give you the ultimate feeling of mastery in your home and laundry care. We see your needs of today. And foresee the ones of tomorrow. So that you can achieve results that don’t just meet your standards, but exceed them.

We believe in intelligent technology and exceptional performance, helping you to take anything you do at home to the next level, every day.

We are proud of our distinctive engineering and responsive design, guaranteeing you the performance you expect and deserve. AEG is a brand that people turn to for intelligent and exciting new ways to guarantee their outcome.

This has been AEG passion for over 125 years, and now continues to be our passion today.

We are KVDUK.