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6 Best Tips for Planning your Dream Kitchen

Kitchen designing has never been easy. Kitchen is the most crucial yet complex area of our house. Gone are the days when the kitchen was only used for cooking. It has turned into an entertainment zone, a family gathering space, a buzzing dynamic place which many times includes office space too. If you need your kitchen to be efficient with all the above activities included, you better plan it accordingly! Cramming about small space makes no sense as for a Kitchen to be lively and functional, it needs a larger area. KVDUK designers have always made your work easy, and today we are here with six best tips which you should keep in mind before planning your dream kitchen.

#1 Pen down all the haywire of your current kitchen

First of all, be well aware of your existing kitchen so that you can estimate the storage volume for your new kitchen. Then, make a list of everything you like and dislike about your current kitchen. If you need large equipment, then make sure you are informing your designer before planning. Equally, if you want to reuse some furniture from your current Kitchen, then you should inform your designer beforehand. Don’t forget to note down all the intricacies of the current kitchen in terms of functionality and volume, which will help you to get a better idea of your dream kitchen. To build your dream kitchen, can you use your current location or do you need to knock down or expand the wall? Important structural work has to be clearly accounted for, but make sure you have plenty in your budget for the kitchen of your dreams, with a finishing touch as well as a 10% contingency.

#2 Consider the functions of your kitchen

Cooking is the main function of a kitchen. However, in the last few years, it has become much more than that. It has become the heart of the home, a place where we gather and spend most of our time. It becomes the single most important room in the house. Just think of all the things happening in your kitchen every day! In addition to cooking and eating in the kitchen, if you also work, watch TV, read the mail, chat with your kids after school, help with their homework, hang out with friends, or after a long day sip on a glass (or two) of wine, you have to narrow down the functionalities of your space. Now it can’t be everything you want to do in your place, and that’s fine. This is why it’s so important to figure out how this place works for your family. When thinking about your kitchen work, consider a few points such as, how much seating space you require? Apart from cooking, what other activities you do in your kitchen? Note it down and plan accordingly.

#3 Consider a work triangle

One thing to consider when planning your kitchen is the flow of your workspace or work triangle as we like to call it in the design world. The work triangle is the distance between your stove, refrigerator, and sink. An efficient triangle will result in an effective workflow and will allow you to move conveniently between the three most used points of your kitchen. A malfunctioning triangle will cause you to run everywhere in the kitchen. Imagine running across the room to empty a steaming pot of boiling noodles. Not an effective thought, Right? One thing to keep in mind is the distance between each point in your triangle. There’s no hard and fast rule, but keep each side of the triangle between 40 “- 60”. Your kitchen designer or interior designer will bale to help you plan the best clearance among your points based on your particular layout.

#4 Smart Storage

One of the reasons for renovating the kitchen is the lack of storage. Even the smallest kitchen can maximize its storage using smart storage solutions. If you regularly use small devices, think about where the convenient place to access them would be. Other storage solutions that can easily make your kitchen function is pots and pan drawers. Consider what items you use most often and where is the most convenient place in the house. For example, if you like to cook with lots of spices and herbs, then pull out spices drawers right next to the cooktop. Also, take advantage of places that may not be readily available to household items you don’t use every day.

#5 Choosing the appliances wisely

As long as you know what kind of appliances you want to keep in your kitchen, you will not be able to determine your layout efficiently. If you like to cook, you can opt for a six-burner stove or cooktop. Do you like gas or electric? When choosing your range or cooktop, there are options alone that typically have a rear control, or slide in options with a front control. What kind of hood do you like? An Insert or Chimney Hood? If you are a baker, double wall ovens may be the way to go. Refrigerators also vary widely in size and depth. You can get a counter-depth option for a more built-in look, standard depth, or billing tools that can be covered with door fronts that match the cabinet for a seamless glance. Do you use your microwave full? You may want to invest in the built-in option. As you can see, there are plenty of options available for appliances that factor into the overall design of your kitchen. A designer can help you choose which type of equipment is best suited for you and your lifestyle.

#6 Budget

When you look through the brochure and visit the showroom, it can be easy to overcome. Additional gadgets and technology are great for your new kitchen, but get the basics first and, if you have money left in the budget, it will crack! Look at the list made at the beginning about the pros and cons of your current location and how you want to use the room as it will help you determine what you need to prioritize. It is recommended that you choose the best worksheets you can hold as the hardest component of your kitchen and the high-quality units will stand up well to wear and tear, so choose wisely You will save money in the long run. These were the best kitchen design tips for planning your dream kitchen. Let us know in the comments if you have followed any of these tips before planning your kitchen. Also, if you are looking for kitchen designs in the UK, then we have the best designers in the country.

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