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10 German Kitchen Design Hacks to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

It is crucial to make the most of your home. Whether your house is large or small, you need to make the rooms as spacious and comfortable as possible. It is significant for every room, but when it comes to the kitchen, you need to use every square inch without compromising on the style. German Kitchen showcases this simple, straightforward design using many design secrets to give the illusion of great space in your kitchen. Here are the ten design hacks to consider when planning your German kitchen.

1. Minimalism

If it seems that you do not have enough space for all your belongings in the kitchen, space will look tight and small. The minimalist look works well to create the illusion of more space in your kitchen. Avoid ornate, highly decorative details and keep the look free to stay in the headlines for a long time and to be in a room. Stick to the rule of ensuring that the kitchen surface is always clear and that everything in the kitchen has a storage space. Investing in steamy hot water taps can help you free up the kitchen surface as you will no longer need a kettle. Integrating the Food Waste Disposal into your kitchen sink will help you get rid of that unsightly food waste caddy or bin.

2. Cabinet lightning

Lighting appears to be essential to build a large kitchen. The more light, the larger the kitchen will feel. Natural light is better, so if you have the opportunity to install skylight or glass doors, it will instantly make your kitchen feel bigger. Alternatively, add lights under the wall cupboards or depending on the floor units. Make sure you do not use a lampshade that reduces the amount of light. Spotlights are ideal for maximum light.

3. Let the sun rays in

If you have the luxury of expanding your home before planning your new kitchen, consider installing bi-fold doors, a vaulted ceiling or lantern ceilings. Incorporating as many glasses as possible will give your dream kitchen a fresh, light, airy feel. When you open bi-folding doors, you immediately multiply your kitchen area to create a free-flow. A vaulted roof with a skylight or lantern roof also looks stunning and gives you height, light and space.

4. Add mirror

Mirrors are well known for making a room feel more spacious, but it’s astonishing how many people use mirrors only in the bedroom or bathroom, but don’t think to use mirrors in the kitchen. A super-shaped mirror covering a wall can look exceptionally striking, specifically when reflecting a table or kitchen worktop that is sitting flush against it. You can also use a mirrored splashback or mirrored wardrobe to create the same illusion and make your kitchen look bigger.

5. Less is more

Using high tower units will give the impression of high ceilings. The eye is drawn to the ceiling in a continuous line, which baffles the brain thinking that it is as tall as the room. Also, use full height base units with hidden internal drawers and consider replacing two base units with broader, deeper drawers that will visually increase space. In short, do not use two doors when you can use one.

6. Pure and simple

The handle-less slab doors not only look contemporary but also help with the appearance of the space. The handles and detailing on the front of the doors break the substantial colour area and pull the eye to the separate doors rather than thinking it is a continuous extension. A true German handle-less kitchen incorporates a visible rail behind the door allowing you to move your fingers behind it. The more common more J-profile ‘doors have a groove in the top of the door, which can be a little faded to open, especially on drawers and dishwashers.

7. Knock Down a Wall

If you can knock down an interior kitchen wall to flow into a larger space and create a natural extension of the area – then do it! If you don’t want to lose the functionality that a wall can provide, you can knock down half of the wall and create a snack bar by adding a work surface and add some bar chairs along the remaining half of the wall. Alternatively, you can use the lower half wall for storage shelves.

8. Open shelving option

Open storage gives a more airy and spacious look to your kitchen. Remove some cabinet doors and take a step back, you will see that there is an illusion of more space. However, this trick can only be done if your cupboards are not currently bursting. If you have cluttered cabinets, you will only feel the space even smaller! If you keen to work on cleanliness 24*7, then copper shelving that is super chic and trendy will make a stunning addition to enhance the feeling of the space.

9. Select reflective surfaces

In addition to mirrors, other reflective surfaces can also make the kitchen feel larger. Consider using glass tiles, shiny floor, high-gloss paint, stainless steel equipment, and shinny cabinets.

10. Personal Touch

Personal touches to your kitchen reflect your personality and make space feel like home, although lots of children’s pictures and novel tourist magnets stick to the fridge and small trinket pots on the window make the small kitchen feel much busier and more cluttered will do.Pick your favourite ornaments and arrange them on a shelf and frame any special artwork. A trendy pinboard, chalkboard or mesh noticeboard can also create a single space for notes instead of the surface of a messy fridge, thereby leaving you with a feel of order and more space.

Which hack are you going to incorporate in your kitchen? Let us know in the comments.

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