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10 best German Kitchen design ideas

There are many reasons to look for a German kitchen. German kitchens are praised worldwide for their accuracy and high quality. By combining the cutting edge components and the design that draws, we believe the kitchens should be neat and functional so each kitchen is a custom design designed to complement your style, improve the look of your home and last longer. German kitchens are very popular, especially for people who want a well-designed, precision-engineered kitchen without having to pay an awful lot. Any kitchen is an investment, but people are learning that there are ways to get a surprisingly high-quality kitchen at a more affordable price than ever before.

There are so many different designs and styles to choose from, regardless of personal taste. No two people are the same, and no two kitchens are the same, and German kitchens are popular because, when you don’t buy a shelf, you can be more in control of customizing your design. Working with a kitchen designer is a great way to make sure that your new kitchen is not only installed in the space you have but that it makes all of the space accessible and functional. German kitchens are designed to replace storage in areas you may not have even considered, which gives us the simple convenience of placing a kitchen that offers more than the sum of its components. German kitchen designs are known for their strength and durability, innovation, versatility, and pedigree.

Here are 10 best German kitchen design ideas known all over the world:

  1. Siematic

The designer’s kitchen may be stylish – but is it more than that? The Siematic kitchen design is characterized by timeless shapes, dimensions and materials to meet one’s needs in both functionality and aesthetics. These designs are perfectly integrated into any design style while providing the most flexible appliances – and custom design to fit your life. Every detail of these kitchens is overflowing, and the materials are luxuriant – think rich black wood, beautiful stone and shiny metal. A double-drinks cabinet with smashed glass doors, gold aluminium details and statement lighting bring glamour to this delightful spoke design.

  • Nolte

Nolte kitchens are the second type of German kitchen. These kitchens remain on the affordable end of the screen, yet holds on to the highest standards. Like all German kitchen products, nothing would have been possible without the endless commitment made by these products with excellence. Indeed, the level of quality and attention to detail means that the high-quality German kitchen design style is well worth the ever-noticeable investment. Nolte holds one of the original integrated German kitchen design ideas and is proud of its choice of units. There is everything here – a world, a modern, open plan… and a full selection of colours and finishes.

  • Eggersmann

Depending on the prices of the German kitchen design, Eggersmann’s modern kitchen collections are characterized by clean lines and beautiful materials. As one of the most innovative kitchen designs in Germany, Eggersmann is known for its extremely unique cabinet system, which creates timeless design in any space. When warm colours, natural materials and interiors are all coming together – the style of this German kitchen design is alive.

  • PoggenPohl

Apart from the design, the German kitchen is also an extremely functional space. As one of the oldest kitchen designs in the world, Poggenpohl works with world-class craftsmen to create works in the kitchen. Functional spaces require practical equipment, so these kitchens have the best and most efficient technology when choosing appliances in your modern German kitchen. Poggenpohl kitchens emphasize functionality and are famous for its hardware add-ons and storage accessories.

  • Bulthaup

Bulthaup joins a combination of elements used in high-gloss and matte to build to achieve ultramodern technology. Their slogan “The most important moments of life are spent in the kitchen” summarizes the essence of this type of kitchen design. High-gloss or wooden cabinets with horizontal grains blend seamlessly in all the Bulthaup’s kitchen clusters.

  • Leicht

German kitchens talk about excellent ergonomics. Modern kitchens are designed to respond to the way we use space, and most of the German kitchen products are beautiful and make sure that their kitchens are simple and comfortable to use. This is exactly the case with Leicht. Head to one of their designs and you’ll find a cleverly designed extension for storage and an accurate selection of quality finishes. Leicht kitchens can be upgraded to suit your vision – so the choices are endless.

  • Alno

Whether you are looking for inspiration in the field of innovative materials, or simply want to be inspired by the breadth of Alno kitchen designs: Here you will find a mix of the popular kitchen concepts and unique inspirations from unusual shapes, right wood textures, to traditional art that highlights this kitchens’ beauty. The kitchen layout possibilities are almost endless and with the help of inspirations, Alno kitchens simplify the search of your dream kitchen.

  • Schüller

Schüller is another big name in the German kitchen, offering good kitchens for small budgets. Its wide ranges include matt, satin, salt glitter and hi-gloss cabinetry, as well as gold spruce, knotty oak and beech, oak, pine imitation units. The Schüller subtraction line is defined as its ‘statement name’ type. Next to the chic units, there are wow-factor pieces made of high-quality materials such as wood, glass or ceramic. Many of these pieces’ deal with the fact that the kitchen has turned into a multipurpose workspace – bookmarks, ‘cooking tables’ and sidewalk boards.

  • Nobilia

Nobilia’s kitchens are known worldwide for their quality and craftsmanship. Customized and manufactured with incredible precision, Nobilia’s kitchens are unique, designed to respond to individual needs and taste, offering incredible value and quality.

  1. Hacker

Häcker kitchens specialize in designing a stainless steel kitchen. From a simple and elegant modern kitchen to wood, glass and metal finishing details in their modern design, all the way to a sophisticated and traditional combination, the company in its entirety represents the highest quality in a variety of styles and colors.

These were the few best German kitchens designs. Also, if you liked the post do share it and comment. We are open for feedback to improve.

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